(NOQReport) – Share the truth Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Philadelphia, DC USA June 2, 2020. A White House insider is reportedly sounding the alarm on Joe Biden and how he is not who the public actually thinks he is.

In an Intelligencer article from reporter Olivia Nuzzi, a person reportedly close in the White House revealed that Biden is actually the “most liberal president we have ever had.”

This is important because the insider says Biden is intentionally trying to appear as a moderate in public while he pushes for and supports extremely radical positions behind the scenes.

Nuzzi reported that the insider said the White House “polices language” to further its agenda.

“One very real possibility is this strategy works,” the source explained. “They may get criticism in think pieces about it, but at his hundred-day mark, Biden is the most liberal president we’ve had – and the public thinks he’s a moderate.”

“That’s a winning strategy to me. They’re willing to accept that you’re gonna write this piece as long as they know that swing voters in Colorado aren’t gonna read it,” the source concluded.Nuzzi, prior to quoting the source, cited a “gaffe” Biden uttered last month after playing a round […]

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