(FoxNews)Will you be the very lucky first person in history to drink a delicious, ice cold beer in space?
Imagine your bar is the stars with the unforgettable view of our beautiful blue planet below. You are kicking back in zero gravity, cracking open a cold brew and enjoying it from the bottle – not the usual astronaut squeezie- a real beer experience … sound impossible? Possible.

Space exploration is not all rockets and rovers. When our military forces are stationed there, they will deserve to kick back and enjoy a home comfort like a cold beer at the end of a hard day.

A solution is underway.

If this cutting-edge space project works, then this beer drinking feat will not just a global first – but most likely a galaxy first.

One team is on the verge of cracking it – and their beer delivery system, aka space pint glass, is based on fuel tank tech for space exploration and aims to deliver a clean pour in spite of zero G.

Combining beer brewing talent and space expertise, 4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics joined force. They are determined to create this first beer designed for space and drunk like beer on Earth.

 (Credit: Saber Astronautics)

U.S. Army and Air Force Space Command senior instructors and operators contribute their unique expertise to Saber’s space exploration innovation. The Saber Astronautics folks have engineered iconic projects like the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.

They’ve been advancing this project for several years and it is nearing lift off. You have 22 days left to join their team and support this unique aspect of space exploration – not to mention, pick up perks like a ride to space to drink space beer.

What’s the first space beer called?

The universe’s first truly space beer is called Vostok Space Beer.

Sounds Russian because this unique joint-force team dubbed the breakthrough beverage after the first breakthrough manned spaceship to space.

But rather fittingly, the universe’s first space beer will hail from Manly Beach in Australia (yes, that is genuinely a real place, and a manly one).

What does space beer taste like?

You can’t take an awesome beer and expect it to taste awesome in space. Basically, food and liquids taste differently in space than they do on Earth. The body adapts in the very different environment so senses are different and can feel dulled. Tongues can also swell, impacting how beer tastes. Things that taste great on Earth may not in space.

And when you drink something alcoholic in space, the body’s response is not the same. Alcohol is absorbed differently and can be more intense.


 (Credit: 4 Pines Brewing)

So to create the beer, this team created a whole new recipe designed FOR space. Turns out, beer designed for space can be wildly popular on Earth too. It has already won heaps of medals including a gold for best beer in the Australian International Beer Awards.

Vostok is a dry Irish stout with a full flavor. High flavor is important because it needs to taste great in that environment and no matter how long you’re in space. You’ll get the chocolate, caramel malts and coffee they’ve cleverly rolled in – even with dulled sense of smell and taste in space. And according to the beer experts down under, 5.1 percent ABV Vostok has a full-bodied, smooth finish, balancing bitterness.

Beer Bottles + Pours in Zero Gravity

The team has got to figure out how on earth to create tech that will allow folks in space to drink the stout from a bottle like on Earth.

It’s not a true beer experience, a true home comfort, if you can’t drink it from the bottle. Liquid doesn’t pour in zero gravity. Liquid needs gravity to pour.

Currently, astronauts use devices like bags they squeeze, tubes they squeeze, plungers, springs and other devices – no pouring.

Without gravity, how will this team get the beer out of the bottle like on Earth?

They needed to engineer a special space beer bottle so folks can drink beer from a bottle the same way as on our planet.

To solve this epic challenge, the team turned to the mega advanced tech for space exploration fuel tanks and translated it to defeat zero gravity and deliver a proper beer drinking experience.

Saber created tech that wicks the beer from the bottom of your Vostok bottle to the neck. So the bottle is a sort of space age, futuristic fuel tank for beer.

Who will be drinking space beers in space?

Space tourists – eventually space explorers and colonists.

Even without a tourism spaceship hitting space yet, there is plenty of interest in future space vacations. The number of civilians who have bought tickets for the first wave of space tourism trips already vastly outstrips the number of astronauts who have travelled to space over the past nearly six decades.

And when Elon Musk’s car successfully shot into space recently, space tourism fever went rampant.

US Military Forces Deployed to Space

While the market may first be predominantly space tourists, this will change.

Like cyber, space is new terrain our military will need to evolve to fight in. In the near term, we can expect American warriors posted to space. There is a need for a military space force. Countries like China and Russia are arguably much farther along in preparing their military space fleets.

This month, President Donald Trump made headlines advocating for developing another service branch, the “space force.”

An elite U.S. military force that would operate in space has actually been in the pipeline for years. Hopefully, this will get a push now there is political will at a presidential level to establish a space force – and to do so soon.

Like care packages for our forces on Earth, space beer care packages could someday leave Earth to travel through space to reach distant U.S. military bases.

Head to space and drink the first space beer there!

Up for supporting this bold beer project and helping pave the way for future forces to enjoy beers in space too? The team is currently raising funds for the last phase at Indiegogo. For your support, they have a wide range of great perks. You could experience your own zero gravity flight, with fresh space beer in hand, own one of the first ever batch of Vostok Space Beers and could win a space weekender worth $20,000!