(Breitbart) – The star of the Netflix series Atypical, Michael Rapaport is once again indulging his near daily attack on President Donald Trump, this time calling the president a “dick stain” for his MAGA challenge.

Michael Rapaport was seen replying to the president’s tweet Friday, in which Trump announced his plans to award the winners of the #MAGAChallenge — which sees fans who post to social media cute videos showing their support for the president.

But the distempered Rapaport wasn’t having it, tweeting: “Desperate Dick Stain thinks he’s running for Class President. Desperate Pig. With your Desperate Child.”

Apparently, Rapaport has called Trump a “dick stain” before and seems to simply recycle the attack over and over again.

Of course, the foul-mouthed Fox Sports personality does not merely target the president with his always vulgar tweets. Recently Rapaport went after NBA star LeBron James, calling James a “fake” progressive after the L.A. Laker came out in dogged support of the oppressive Chinese government instead of the pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

After James’ comments on China — one of the biggest human rights abusers in the world — Rapaport slammed him saying, “When I told y’all LeBron James was the FAKEST guy in the NBA, y’all called me a hater. Apologize to me now!”

The actor-director was also triggered by the Covington Catholic kids, too.

In January, Rapaport regurgitated the lie that a group of school kids from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky “harassed” a group of Native Americans in Washington, D.C., earlier this year. Along with repeating the lie that the kids “harassed” the Native Americans, Rapaport called them “fuckboys” and “handjobs.”