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When Joe Biden was installed as the Democratic nominee for president and subsequently installed into the Oval Office itself, I was under the assumption that he was fully aware (well, as aware as a man in his mental state can be) that he was just a placeholder for the Democrats. I assumed he knew that Kamala Harris was going to replace him at some point in the future, that he would be in there and do some things before fading away into retirement and, hopefully, treatment.

Now, I’m not so sure. His actions the last couple of weeks seemed to indicate that he’s not exactly “in the loop” when it comes to the Kamala bait-n-switch. It’s not like it would be difficult to hide it from him. One need only look at the White House priorities to realize they’re using him. The question is, does the “President” himself even know what’s happening around him?

Look at the latest image posts from the White House. Of the last 15, all of them included Kamala Harris in some form or fashion. Only four of them included Joe Biden.

Then, there’s the White House Twitter account . They retweet very rarely, but when they do they retweet Kamala Harris the most. Their total retweets of the supposed occupant of the White House: Zero in the month of March.

All of this is circumstantial and not even worthy of being called “evidence.” But it does lend to the notion that Biden is not being made aware of their plans for him. He has clearly tried to maintain some semblance of control. Some of his selections for his cabinet were clearly chosen for him for their social justice bureaucrat credentials, but he did manage to maintain a few close allies in the mix. Are they all working together or is there a “Team Biden” and a semi-adversarial “Team Harris”?

Some have said the move to put Harris in charge of the border crisis was designed to be a black eye against her. It’s the hot potato that nobody wants to hold as the situation gets worse every day. But a closer examination reveals that neither Biden nor Harris said she was taking over handling of the crisis. Instead, she was placed in charge of coordinating with Central American nations like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to determine the root cause of the migrant crisis. This jibes with her insertion into most interactions with world leaders but does not seem to indicate Biden is trying to embarrass her with the biggest challenge his administration is facing right now.

This, too, lends to the notion that he really has no idea that he’s been on the chopping block since before he was inaugurated.

On this episode of the NOQ Report , JD went over these concepts. Then, The Two Mikes brought on Lt. General Tom McInerney to discuss his appearance on tomorrow’s episode of NOQ Report. It was a great show!

There is no way to know what Biden knows and doesn’t know until they start to pull the trigger. Is he walking the walk and talking the talk to make a transition to Kamala Harris easier, or is he walking into a trap?

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